Wish Jars & Containers

Wish Jars & Containers

Stray from tradition with your guest book table and include a wish jar to liven up your wedding guest sign-in. Add one in addition to your guest book, or replace the guest book entirely with a cute, creative holder for well wishes, advice, date night ideas, and more! It’s a special way to welcome guests to the venue and a keepsake the bride and groom can enjoy for the entirety of their marriage.

They’re not just for the wedding either. The bride may want to keep things classic at the wedding reception and forgo any alternative guest book ideas but would like to spice things up at the bridal shower or engagement party. Collect cute cards with meaningful messages, advice to a married couple, or just a few nice words.

The newlyweds can then keep the jar in a decorative spot in their home and read through the wishes whenever they choose. They can read them all at once, pull a few of them out to read on special date nights that first year of their marriage, or they can even wait until their first, second, or fifth-year anniversary.

Different styles of holders are available depending on the bride's vision. Explore different cheap-priced options like our pedestalled jars to hold cards or small jars to hold paper scrolls. Specific jars can even be personalized so they can have the bride and groom’s names, monogrammed initials, and the occasion date printed to customize them to the event. The inexpensive decorative wish jars come in different shapes to suit different décor schemes and themes too. Some are more modern, while others are more vintage in style and silhouette.


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