Wish Boxes

Wish Boxes

Having your guests write special wishes for the bride and groom is a nice, non-traditional idea for the guest sign-in. 

Instead of collecting signatures, you can set up the guest book table to include a wishing well. Then, have your guests write out short messages, well-wishes, marriage advice, and more onto a notecard or piece of stationery before placing it in a box or alternative decorative holders.

Wish boxes are a fresh, modern idea and a creative twist on the guest book tradition. They provide each guest with an opportunity to express their wishes for the happy couple.

Weddingstar has a collection of transparent options that showcase the notes placed within and more classic box styles that fully conceal the cards. Also included in our selection of wish boxes is a series of unique holders. These act as a wishing well rather than a box. Cheap in price, we have carefully chosen each product so they will fit in with the overall décor of the wedding reception. As decoration in its own right, they won’t look out of place displayed in a living room or bedroom after the wedding day has passed.

To further customize your occasion, choose one of our personalized wish box options. Custom printed with the newlywed’s chosen married names, couple’s monogram, and the occasion date, the wish box can serve as a wedding-specific time capsule. The well-wishes can stay inside the box and be displayed in the bride and groom’s home. They can plan an evening to read through all the exceptional advice and wishes given by their guests, like a date night, or save the wishes until their first-anniversary date.

Many of Weddingstar’s inexpensive wish boxes and wishing wells work as beautiful card boxes. That way, guests have a beautiful place to put their cards and are kept safe in one place for the married couple to open later.