Pet Cake Toppers

Pet Cake Toppers - Dog/Cat Toppers

If you have a beloved 4-legged furry family member that you want to include in your wedding day celebrations, these exquisite cat and dog wedding cake toppers are a wonderful way to honor them. Choose the cat cake topper or select the dog figurine that matches the breed of your sweet companion. You'll find miniature dog cake toppers for several breeds, including a Labrador retriever (black or chocolate brown), bichon frise, terrier, black and tan dachshund, shih tzu and pug. Our cat cake topper is available in gray and white, black and white or orange and white. These sweet animal figurines are made from hand-painted porcelain.Do the two of you already have families that you'll be joining together? We also have porcelain child cake toppers available, for babies, toddlers and preteens. Our customizable cake topper displays let you create a happy scene that represents all your loved ones, for a more personalized experience for you and your guests. These unique high-quality cake toppers are wonderful decorative items for your reception, and after the cake has been enjoyed, the toppers make fabulous mementos to display in a curio cabinet or on a window sill. Weddingstar Inc., is proud to be your premiere source for all your wedding and party accessories, from invitations to ceremony and reception decor, party favors and gifts. We carry many items that can be personalized with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date, creating instant collectibles that range from foil-printed paper napkins to glasswear, coasters, place cards and gift bags.We proud to offer exceptional customer support from our experienced staff, and they can help you put together the right accessories for the atmosphere you're trying to achieve.