Custom Photo Napkins

Personalized Printed Napkins with Photo

When hosting an event, napkins are essential. 

But just because they're required party supplies doesn't mean they can't also be part of the décor. With the photo printed napkins, you can take matching the party theme or décor scheme one step further. Create custom napkins with your own photo on them. The 3-ply white napkins are an inexpensive way to get fancy. Plus, you have two size options available. Larger luncheon napkins for the meal and small cocktail ones are perfect for drinks from the bar or a dessert table.

Upload and Customize

Each design provides a loose template to follow. Using the preview tool, upload a photo of your choice. The upload file should be a high quality .JPEG or .PNG, for the best printed result. From there, you can manipulate the photo, the size, and the placement of the image so it fills the space properly and displays the photo in the best light.

Once you're happy with the photo placement, add whatever text fits within the provided character parameters. With our customizable design templates, we've carefully considered the limits for the characters, keeping the design's aesthetic in mind. Some designs include only two or three characters that let you add a set of monogram initials, others that let you, while others offer full lines of text to express a unique message or sentiment. After you are happy with your customizations, the design is printed in full color onto the luncheon or cocktail-sized napkins using our inkjet printer with water-resistant ink. The bright white napkins provide the perfect, neutral print base, highlighting the color print.

You can use the custom upload option if our designs aren't the right fit for your event or theme. There are no parameters here, so you can create your own design to be printed on the napkins. You can keep it simple with only a picture on it or use custom graphic artwork of your own design, like text graphics, photos, photo collages, logos, or a digital rendering of a painted work. The paper napkins act as a blank, square canvas for your ideas.

Wedding, Events, or at Home

Photo napkins are a unique way to customize the event. A practical item with a photo on them, you have an additional way to share snapshots with guests but also complement any theme or décor scheme of the event. More than just a piece of disposable partyware, they act as a decorative element and a way to share a special sentiment with your guests, like a thank you message, poem, or quote. Whether you choose to use one of the pre-formatted designs on offer or create your own, the custom photo napkins can be used for any event, large or small. There is no minimum required for your order.

It's a cute, inexpensive way to show off your engagement photos for a wedding, incorporating them into the reception innovatively rather than just the traditional use for the wedding stationery and putting the photo shoot to good use. Some couples use a picture of a pet as a small way to feature them in their wedding. Because they're so inexpensive, you can even design different napkins for all wedding-related events like the engagement party, shower, and bachelorette. Reunions, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, showers, and more, the list of celebrations is practically endless, and they all require napkins. For a birthday or graduation, photo napkins are a nice, practical way to celebrate the guest of honor. And it's not just family occasions either; you can order custom napkins for a community event like a festival, dance, or fair, adding an image of the town flag, a recognizable building, or a notable monument.

Because there is no minimum limit for the order, it doesn't have to be a large event either; you can customize a set of napkins for a household. Then you have a cheap-priced, personalized idea for a housewarming gift or beautiful sets to use when hosting family and friends. Just use a family photo, picture of the house, or monogram logo. Then, you'll have some beautiful disposable napkins that will elevate your host or hostess skills.