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Wedding Garters and 2-Piece Wedding Garter Sets

Wedding Garters & Garter Sets

Take part in one of the oldest wedding traditions with our lovely selection of wedding garter sets. This tradition dates all the way back to the Dark Ages, when friends and family would help the newly married couple disrobe after their wedding ceremony – a piece of the bride's wedding dress would be kept as good luck. This piece of wedding history has been passed down for hundreds of years and is now translated into the garter tradition, where the groom removes the wedding garter from the bride's leg, usually during the wedding reception, and tosses it to the eligible men in attendance.

We have many designer bridal garters to choose from. We invite you to enjoy imagining what it will be like to carry on this fun tradition as you browse our carefully chosen selection of wedding garters to find the wedding garter set and style that is just right for you. Choose from different styles and designs of bridal garters to find personalized garters that match your personality, colour or wedding motif. We have two-piece wedding garter sets or single bridal garters in different designs, colours and styles.

Our high-quality designer bridal garters come in white, ivory and black, and each are constructed with exceptional skill, crafted in a manner that pays attention to all those little details that make each enchanting garter a breathtaking work of fabric art. These bridal garter sets come in seductive black lace with a gorgeous satin bow, crystal studded white lace and delicate organza material that adds an elegant touch to the bridal garter design.

Some of our wedding garter sets feature embroidered script with sentiments such as, ‘And they lived happily ever after.’ You can also find styles featuring special detailed accents such as a lovely glass slipper, starfish or a Celtic Trinity Knot. Additional glamorous touches include beautiful lace, ribbons and twinkling rhinestones.