Rustic Wooden Cake Toppers

Wood Veneer Cake Toppers

Are you both nature lovers looking for unique wedding decorations? These wood veneer cake toppers convey the rustic beauty of natural wood. You can choose from different designs that bring warmth and sophistication to your reception decor. Announce to your guests that "the hunt is over" with a whimsical rustic antler design. Add a personalized wood veneer sign to the cake, featuring the initials of the bride and groom on a disk that looks like hardwood. It's framed in a carved floral wreath. We also have a personalized wood veneer disc delicately framed in porcelain feathers. You can use the porcelain feathers on their own or with the personalized disk for an elegant and dramatic display.The cake topper is the couple's chance to make a personal statement about their unique personalities as well as their love and devotion to each other. With our unique cake toppers and many other exquisitely crafted wedding accessories, you can put your own stamp on every decorative item to create a warm, inviting ambiance for your friends and family to enjoy as they celebrate your union.These wooden cake toppers are stunning works of art, and as such, your cake topper can be enjoyed as an artistic sculpture in your new home, long after the cake has been eaten!For more than 34 years, Weddingstar Inc. has been your wedding experts, with an extensive inventory of carefully selected and designed wedding accessories. Many of the products we offer feature exclusive designs that are inspired and created by skilled artisans. Our personalized items feature high-quality printing techniques for professional results, and these custom accessories, after the wedding and reception, become treasured keepsakes that will immediately bring back the memories of your special occasion years later.