Stemless Wine Tumblers

Stemless Wine Tumblers

At Weddingstar we’ve got the perfect tumbler cup to suit any situation.

Shaped like a classic stemless wine glass, it’s a fantastic party cup for camping, backyard barbecues, lawn picnics, cabin living, and more. You can even use it when at home with a spill-preventing lid. It’s great for clumsy hands.

Red or white, the awesome travel tumbler works to regulate the temperature of your wine with its insulated double-walled stainless steel construction. Keeping your whites cool and crisp for extended periods and your reds at a nice even temperature even while holding the glass in your hands. But they’re great for more than just wine! Throw a few ice cubes in there, and your favorite mixed beverage or some hot coffee, and you’ve got a fancy, easily carried travel cup to take with you wherever you go!

Explore our range of decorative custom printed designs and colour choices to find the right cup for you or a friend. Whether you’re looking for a cup for the cupboards at home or a fun gift for a friend. Add a friend’s monogrammed initial or name on the cup to personalise it and you’ve got a special gift for anyone on your list! Take your office secret Santa gift to the next level by personalising it with your coworker’s name or throw it in your mom’s stocking as a stocking stuffer. It’s an inexpensive gift that anyone can use, even those in the anti-wine club.

Not only are they available at a cheap price, but they’re a cool idea for a bridesmaid favor for your best girls! Say thank you for all their help leading up to and on the wedding day, or give them out at the bachelorette, so every one of the ladies in the bridal party gets a cute, unique cup for the celebrations! One they can take to go. That way, no matter the type of party or theme the bride chooses, the stemless travel tumblers can travel with team bride. Plus, they can use them at other wedding-related activities like wedding planning sessions, the bridal shower, and the engagement party.