Picture Frames

Desk Picture & Photo Frames - Custom Frame Sets

A picture is worth a thousand words and Weddingstar has a collection of picture frames that do justice to any special photo you wish to display.

There are many options for preserving memories in a quality frame made of wood, metal and other sturdy materials. If you’re seeking to highlight a single photo, we offer several individual frames that can do that nicely. A minimalist wood frame brings warmth to any area of the home and we offer thin and box frame styles. Some frame options feature multiple glass frames in a wooden holder for a fresh take on the organized photo display.
If you’re looking for frames to give away as party favours, we offer sets of mini photo frames in various styles, including metal and magnetic. A unique decorative frame can elevate a desktop display or event table. Check out our fun shapes and other off the beaten path styles that complement a party theme. Frames that capture a child’s growth over the years or help tell a warmhearted story make wonderful all-occasion gifts.