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Gift Box Stuffers

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Best Selling Gift Stuffers for Him

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Best Selling Gift Stuffers for Kids

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Gift Stuffers to Take Your Gift to the Next Level

For small gift inspiration to complete your gifts, we’ve collected our favorite gift stuffers to help you fill more than Christmas stockings. These are fun, affordable extras like apparel pieces, accessories, tools, and drinkware to round out your gifting idea. Rather than think up that single ‘perfect’ gift you hope they’ll love and use, like a hail Mary, you can make a special gift set instead. Fill a box or basket with multiple awesome pieces that follow a theme or are personalized to their style or interests. Plus, with the option to print or engrave a name on many of the gift stuffers in our collection, you can take the personalization one step further. By adding a series of small gifts to complement a central concept, it's like adding a bunch of bonus gifts. With several inexpensive items to make up the gift, there are more items to unbox, keeping the anticipation of opening a new gift high.

Ideas For Him, For Her, For Everyone

We’ve arranged our stuffers into easily shopped categories, broken down by recipient, to provide you with direction and innovation. Reliable, sure-fire winners to make picking out the right gift less stressful. No matter who you have on your list. Though they may be small, these gift stuffers have an impact. Practical uses, and they’ll find themselves always reaching for them. Whether you’re shopping for mom for Mother’s Day, looking for a special birthday gift for dad, wanting to impress your husband or wife with a unique anniversary gift, or getting a meaningful congratulations present for the kids that they’ll treasure for a long time. There is no limit to the gifting occasions our stuffers can be added to.

Whether they’re a family member, friend, office coworker, or a new acquaintance, we have the extras and add-ons to take your gift from nice to extra-special. Explore options for men and women to add that extra exclamation point. Sometimes it’s the little things that have extra meaning. Get the ladies in your life a cozy pair of socks or a cool retro scrunchie, and they’ll think of you every time they wear the socks or pull their hair into a pony. Fun gift stuffers like these style and practicality combine into a great gift idea. Pair these with a central gift like a robe, and you’ve got the starter kit for a “Spa Night” or “Girl’s Night In” themed gift box. For the men, it can be as simple as putting together a personalized flask, engraved lowball whiskey glass, and a custom coaster set, and you’ve got the perfect gift for a whiskey lover. And we haven’t forgotten about the Kids, either. We have all our best sellers for the younger people on your list, too—cute and fresh jewelry, accessories, and other unique decorative items to help them personalize their room.

Wrap Your Gift with Style

You can put the gifts together in one of our custom gift boxes or bags. Our gift boxes, wood or cardboard, can be personalized with a name, monogram, or custom message, depending on your chosen design. This makes them part of the gift itself because they can be used as a keepsake box to store special items like photos or other small meaningful things. There are different uses, too, like a storage box to keep their space organized. Plus, when you arrange all the pieces of your gift into a gift box or bag, you’re saved from wrapping them individually. It looks beautiful, and you save yourself the hassle of pulling out the gift wrap and tape.