Bridal Party Sashes

Bridal Party Sashes

Sashes are one of those fun bachelorette party accessories that can help shape your bridal party into a proper team bride. 

With a fancy sash on, your maid of honor and bridesmaids don't have to sacrifice their night out best looks and, with the addition of the inexpensive sashes, can still match the party theme and the bride. Plus, it makes your girls easy to spot across the bar!

Whether you want to keep it classy or want your look to reflect the night of enjoyment before you, we have a coated paper sash for a variety of bachelorette party styles and themes. Fun, colorful sashes with clever sayings that celebrate bachelorette themes like final fiesta, mermaid, nautical, NOLA, and, of course, Vegas baby. Each party theme includes a specialty sash for the bride and theme-matched bridesmaid and bridal party sashes to pair flawlessly with the bride's lead sash. While the sashes complement one another, the bride's is unique from those intended for the rest of the bride tribe so that she can remain the focal point on her last night as a single lady. Because they are part of our theme collections they can be paired with other complimentary decorations and apparel to help the bride get the most out of her chosen theme. A bunch of different party elements available at the same, cheap price as the sashes to take even a girl’s night into the next level.

For brides who're planning a more chic look, we have blush pink satin sashes with the bridal party roles printed across them in metallic gold if you want to keep it classically simple.