Yoga Mats & Bags

Custom Yoga Mats & Yoga Mat Bags

Many people are into yoga these days, and if your wedding team or group of partygoers enjoy stretching into yoga poses, our yoga mat and bag collection is for you. 

Yoga mats help protect the body from a hard surface and also helps a person do poses on a safe, smooth surface. They can also be used for other floor exercises. Our black yoga mats are made of sturdy PVC material and feature a breathable surface for cushioning hands, knees and feet. They are non-slip for safety and come in a standard size.

We offer a variety of style options for a custom look. All mats can be monogrammed with either a name or initials. Some mats also feature additional decorative accents that fit in with the yoga vibe. Customized detailing appears at the top of the mat for easy identification. You can choose what thread color you want for any style. Mats can be rolled for fast storage. Custom yoga mat bags are available in several colors if you want to create convenient mat sets.