Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown 

Let the countdown to Christmas begin with our unique selection of personalized countdown calendars. Don’t let the days leading up to Christmas get lost in the holiday bustle. With a countdown calendar, you can build anticipation for Christmas and help manage the busy holiday schedule in a beautifully decorative way.  
In the entryway or living room, it can be part of your overall Christmas decorations. But you can also use the day counter as a visual representation of a traditional advent calendar. Then allocate small gifts, festive activities, and tasty treats to each day as you get closer and closer to December 25. For an inexpensive, elevated version of the chocolate advent calendars from the grocery store but with the same delight. With so many creative ideas for the Christmas countdown, the universal designs of the wood calendars mean you can pull them out year after year with a new advent concept to put a unique spin on the tradition. To keep things fresh when December rolls around each year. Printed with colorful designs customized with names, the family monogram, the family’s last name, or holiday greetings, you can personalize the yearly tradition.   
The wooden calendars present and mark the days left until Christmas to help you style it differently depending on your decorative vision. All are available at a cheap price, so you can choose a countdown that works best for you and your home. Though some feature festive designs and have only 25 days on the counter, others, like our block countdown calendar, are less Christmas-specific and can be used to mark as far as 99 days from to other occasions, like holidays, vacation trips, birthdays, and more. In fact, the blocks are printed with the months of the year and can be placed on a desk at work as a decorative day-to-day calendar.  


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