Paper Lanterns & Pom Poms

Paper Lanterns & Pom Poms

Don't make the mistake of keeping all your event decor limited to the tabletops. Instead, get a floor-to-ceiling wow factor by adding these lovely hanging decorations to your celebration. You'll love that these simple, yet stylish items make a major impact when it comes to the atmosphere at your event. They can add a chic, glamorous touch or make the ambiance feel magical and enchanting. They can look ultra-modern or feature a charming vintage appeal. No matter what kind of decor you're planning to have at your bridal shower or other special event, you'll find beautiful hanging decorations to complement it when you shop at Weddingstar. If you're looking for party accessories that are incredibly affordable and oh-so-easy to hang up, check out our selection of paper lanterns and large party decorating kits. Our assorted party decorating kits come with balloons, pom poms, paper lanterns and garland. These are some of our most popular hanging decorations since they come in all kinds of colors, styles, and sizes.  No matter what type of decor you have in mind, we'll help make your vision come to life at Weddingstar.


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