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Reef Coral Table Number Wine Label
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Reef Coral Table Number Wine Label

Product #: Size / Package Count Price
1070-31 3.5" x 5.25" (H) / Package of 12 $12.00 $10.59 per pkg
Reef Coral Wedding Table Number Wine Label
Reef Coral Wedding Table Number Wine Label
Reef Coral Wedding Table Number Wine Label
Reef Coral Wedding Table Number Wine Label
Reef Coral Wedding Table Number Wine Label
1070-31-c07 - Red
1070-31-c12 - Willow Green
1070-31-c27 - Watermelon
1070-31-c28 - Caribbean Blue
1070-31-c32 - Navy Blue
1070-31-c39 - Pecan Brown
1070-31-c56 - Copper Orange
1070-31-c95 - Berry
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ITEM # 1070-31

Reef Coral Table Number Wine Label

Coral is precious because of the time it takes to grow – once it has matured it can endure even the fiercest of storms and is an irreplaceable component of life beneath the sea. It is a beautiful reminder that love takes time to grow, and as long as you take care of it then end result is incredible – and well worth the wait. This wine label is a great alternative to a traditional table number. Use them on wine you are serving, incorporate a wine bottle into your centerpieces or simply adhere it where you think it looks best.

Product Material: Crack and Peel
This item is sold in packages of 12
3.5" x 5.25" (H)
PRODUCT Q&A (3 Q and A's)
Q: How do you apply the labels?
A: Remove the previous labels from the bottles. Make sure the bottles are dry and free of any left-over residue from the previous label for a smooth application. Then remove the backing from your personalized label and securely press it onto the wine bottle.
Q: How do you remove the original labels off from our wine bottles?
A: Soak the label portion of the wine bottles in room temperature water with about 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda for 30 minutes. You should be able to then take the bottle out of the water and remove the label with a cloth. If parts of the label remain, you can use steel wool or a scrubbing brush to remove the label.
Q: Will the labels stay on if it is in a ice bucket?
A: The text and coloring will not run or smear. The labels will be able to stay on in the bucket of ice. However, once the ice melts and are submersed in water they will begin to peel from the bottle over long periods of time.

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