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White Love Bird Salt and Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors
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White Love Bird Salt And Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors

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1+ $4.20 $3.79 each set of 2 shakers
24+ $4.00 $3.59 each set of 2 shakers
48+ $3.90 $3.49 each set of 2 shakers
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
love bird salt and pepper shakers wedding favor
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ITEM # 8873

Unique Love Bird Salt And Pepper Shaker Wedding Favors In Gift Box

Every guest will be smitten with these salt and pepper shaker wedding favors! A top-notch choice for your summer, outdoor or love bird wedding theme, these wedding salt and pepper shakers bring undeniable charm and whimsy to your affair. Each pair comes exquisitely packaged in a pullout box with the love birds comfortably nesting inside. The box also features die-cut openings in the cover, which gives guests a little sneak peek as to what's inside. We recommend pairing these bird salt and pepper shakers with our Love Bird Paper Band for a personalized flair. This finishing touch makes your wedding favor live bird salt and pepper shakers tailored to your love story and wedding theme. Order yours in bulk for large affairs and get big discounts at The Knot Shop.
1.75" H x 1.8" L x 4" W
Gift packaging included
Personalized printed ribbon sold separately

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Reviews (26) Overall Rating
Fast delivery and efficient service for these lovely little birds in their sweet packaging, which will be shower souvenirs. I had received some as a wedding favour and like them so much that I wanted to give them to people too! They are small enough- to be personal salt and pepper shakers at a bigger table, or on a breakfast in bed tray. ...more
Pros: High Quality, Attractive Design
I love these little birds. They come in a nest of shredded brown paper which is revealed when the box is slid open. The only complaint that I have is that I had to remove a "made in China" sticker off some of the birds. The box did not fit my color scheme, so I wrapped them in white wrapping paper before attaching the personalized bands around them. Very cute birds and unique reception favors....more
Pros: Attractive Design, Great Value, Unique
These are absolutely adorable. They are better than expected!!
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
These lovebirds salt and pepper shakers are adorable. I bought them for my reception, my mom liked them so much that she suggested I buy them for my wedding party. Way to cute.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
I bought those to actually use in all tables in my wedding dinner to add some charm (as opposed to the boring/ugly regular salt and pepper shakers most caters provide). They're super cute and will serve the purpose perfectly but I marked as too small as the set is actually really smaller then what it appears on the site and not sure how they would work as a product to be used daily... Still great purchase, Love it!...more
Pros: Attractive Design
Cons: Too Small
I loved the idea of this wedding favour but was concerned they'd look cheap when we got them. Believe me, I was more than happily surprised. They look expensive and chic. And with the matching ribbon that you can personalize (with your name on the ribbon that goes around the box, with a matching bird sticker no less) it looks crazy sophisticated. My guests were super impressed. As was I! If you want something that looks classy, and love birds, this is the wedding favour for you. I knew I wanted something bird-themed, and this fit the bill. PS: it works great for destination weddings - they packed it so carefully that nothing got broken. ...more
Pros: Fun, High Quality, Attractive Design, Unique
These will make great favors for my daughter's wedding! The packaging made them even better!
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Great Value
This product worked perfectly for our wedding favors. It actually matched our invitations. The guest loved them. My only negative comment is you have to be really careful when taking them out of the shipping package because some of the boxes were not sealed so I had one break when I picked it up. I was lucky to have had enough without the broken item. I would still highly recommend this product. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Great Value
This gift is perfect for our promotion we are doing to attract brides to our outlet center for their wedding needs. The packaging, the ribbon, the font, the love birds, all of it was exactly what we were looking for. A small little bridal (favor) gift to congratulate new brides that come into our center to shop. Thank you! ...more
Pros: Attractive Design
Lovely and fit right in with our wedding theme of love birds. Modern design and something useful for guests to use over the years ahead.
Pros: Attractive Design, Great Value, Fun, Unique
Just as pictured!!!!! they are sooo adorable!
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
I really liked what I got. I was pleased with the price and product. I was happy to find an idea for a favor that people might actually keep and use. It was not clear that you could personalize them when I purchased them so I am changing the packaging a little to go with my table top. All in all very satisfied. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Great Value, Fun, Unique
Its hard to find a gift that your guests might use. These salt and pepper shakers were a great idea. My guests have told me all the great ways they have used them. One guest made a nest for them. Great keep sake. I only wish I could get the boxes in a different color to go with my wedding color. That was a quick fix though....more
Pros: Durable, High Quality, Great Value
These wedding favours are amazing! I am so happy with my purchase. The favours are exactly as they are photographed. I was very pleased with the timely manner in which they were processed and shipped. I will not hesitate to shop again!...more
Pros: Unique, Fun, Great Value, Durable, Attractive Design
Absolutely adorable! Bought them for my daughter's wedding shower as favours and I'm sure everyone is going to love them. They are so cute and delicate. Thanks Wedding Star!!
Pros: Attractive Design
The box with birds in nest are totally charming! It is sweet to have some of the nesting material peek out of the box. Even the men enjoyed these "birdies" at our Engagement Party--which was held at a golf club! We did not know that a customized paper band could be purchased to go around the box. Instead, we ordered customized ribbon--it looked handsome. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable
The Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers were so unique and were exactly what we were looking for! They are a perfect wedding favor and both the box they come in and the shakers themselves were of such good quality that the price we paid was amazing. This is a custom order and having the names of the bride & groom on the band around the box made them extra special. I ordered them on a Monday and I had them at my doorstep three days later. I have my own company and I have to say that the quality and service that Wedding Star consistently provides is remarkable!!! Thanks from one very happy customer!...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Unique
Ordered these for favors for my daughter's wedding. Just received them today and inspected to make sure all's well (and it is). These will make very cute and, I think, welcome favors. I am impressed by the quality, the packaging and the timeliness with which they were delivered--10 days ahead of promised date, all the way from Canada to Texas....more
Pros: Unique, Fun, Great Value, High Quality, Durable, Attractive Design
Great and exactly as pictured
Pros: Unique, Great Value, High Quality, Attractive Design
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Fun
Pros: Attractive Design, Unique
Love it! Cant wait for the guests to see their shakers! Not one broke in the shipping of product and the order was delivered 4 days ahead of schedule!
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
This set is a little smaller than what I had expected, however, it works just fine as wedding favours are rarely full size items. It is a great utility item - if not, can always be set aside with your china as decoration. The customer service on the part of the merchant, along with great shipping time and service. However, I was a little disappointed with the quality of packaging. Out of of 40 boxes a good 10 or more had to be re-glued. Plus some of the boxes were a little tattered looking from being pressed together in their respective containers. This seems to be a consistent issue for this product and I urge the merchants to take this seriously and to correct this problem. The boxes by itself minus the bad packing issues are attractive in design and can be paired up nicely with a customized ribbon. Just beware if you plan to have a long message, or if you have long names (like me and my fiancée) you may not want to use the ribbon as it does not fit the length of the box ( the box is too small; leaving you with a semi- curved message. I wish I had known that I would have chosen to write another shorter message for personalization. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, Great Value, Fun, Unique
Cons: Too Small
These favors are adorable but they are very small, which I already knew before I ordered. I had ordered 208 favors total, and 36 of the boxes are not glued properly. How can I fix this? I don't know why the glue didn't stick on these but the boxes are entirely open, which is something I now need to deal with before my wedding....more
Pros: Fun, Attractive Design
Cons: Too Small
FROM THE KNOT: "We are sorry to hear some boxes did not arrive properly. A DIY solition would be to glue or tape the boxes together, but please contact our Customer Service Team to discuss further solutions by phone or email - 1-800-661-8096 or"
Very Fast shipping and got what i expected, highly recommend this website
Pros: Attractive Design, Fun
I ordered these as my wedding favors, and they (along with the personalized labels) arrived within 7 days. The birds are super cute, but I was not aware that they would come with "Made in China" stickers (one on every bird's butt) and a "Wedding star" sticker on one bird in each set. The stickers are a huge pain to remove because they leave sticker chunks and residue behind -- I only got through removing stickers from about 12 sets in 1.5 hours last night. This might not be a huge problem if 1. you don't mind ugly stickers all over your cute little bird favors or 2. you have time to remove the stickers. Luckily, I'll have time to work through the rest (and let my fingernails recover from all of the scraping) before my wedding this fall. I just wanted to warn potential buyers, as it was not a pleasant surprise and I can only imagine what a pain it would be if discovered last-minute! Also, as other reviewers have mentioned, most of the boxes arrived squished/dented, which made them hard to open. Luckily, the personalized labels do a good job hiding the creases and dents!...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Fun, Unique
Cons: Not What I Expected
see all 26 reviews
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