Face Mask Filters

Face Mask Filters

5-layers of superior protection specially developed to help limit the number of harmful particles we encounter. Our disposable, single-use PM 2.5 face mask filters provide comprehensive protection, not just against particulates but any allergens and pollutants that may be in the air. When designing our innovative reusable cloth face masks, Weddingstar included a filter pocket specially sized to hold one of the disposable filters. Made to go together, they’re a perfect fit. When paired, not only do you get the protection of the 3-layer cloth face mask but with a filter inserted, the face-covering can provide additional filtration. That’s a combined eight layers standing between you and any harmful, air-born particulates.

Available in packs of 25 and 50 in adult and children sizes, we have mask filters fit for everyone in the family. Mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and the kids, everyone can breathe a little easier when out in public. For a cheap price, filters allow you to minimize this one concern in your day so that you can focus on the other important tasks and issues. Please remember to take precautions and safely dispose of your filter after each use.


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