Mask Accessories

Filters, travel bags, lanyards and more.

Mask Accessories

We’ve curated a series of useful mask accessories to help you wear your face mask with comfort and ease. While we worked hard to develop reusable cloth face masks that are secure and comfortable, using innovative design features like adjustable ear bands and bendable nose wires, wearing any mask for long periods can cause discomfort. As a new addition to our daily routine, Weddingstar’s goal is to help minimize any discomfort or complications that arise from wearing your face covering, whether you’re wearing it throughout your workday, school day, or simply for a quick trip into the grocery store. Breathe easier with one of our PM 2.5 filters placed securely in the 3-ply mask’s built-in filter pocket. Each high-quality filter is made up of five unique material layers to help you thrive in any environment. On the go and don’t know where to put your mask? We’ve got reusable mask travel bags to protect the mask while its not in use, cloth as well as silicone, sized to hold both your reusable cloth face coverings and disposable masks. Truly, you can pair any of our mask accessories with disposable masks as well as reusable ones! Ear saving headbands and extenders, wash bags for the laundry, breathe easier bracket inserts, lanyards for about the neck, we’ve got all your mask inconveniences covered. Quite literally. And our masks aren’t the only things that come in fun colors. Still, our focus wasn’t solely on accessories for masks. We’ve also got refillable hand sanitizer holders and unique dispensers for easy application of antibacterial gels. All helpful, inexpensive extras to get you through the day until you get back home. Plus, they have multiple uses, so you won’t have to discard them once we get back to our new normal. Cheap in price and just what you need to assist you and your loved ones as you navigate through this pandemic. We know because we use them too! 


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