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Wedding Garters

2 Piece Bridal Garter Sets

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One to keep and one to toss, elegant satin garter sets in ivory and white.
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Single Bridal Garter

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Wearing a pretty satin or lace garter ready to toss is a fun wedding tradition.
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Wedding Garters & Wedding Garter Sets

Derived from an old English tradition called "flinging the stocking," the tossing of the wedding garter is as ubiquitous a wedding ritual as cutting the cake or kissing the bride. If you're looking for a fun, old-school addition to your reception, there's no better option than the wedding garter. Nowadays, the groom removes the bridal garter from the bride's thigh (and, usually, some debauchery ensues) and then tosses it to his bachelor pals. If you're a bride who loves tradition, you'll adore The Knot Shop's tasteful yet sexy wedding garters.Our collection includes two-piece bridal garter sets in elegant satin with delightful finishes like tulle, rhinestones and bows. The two-piece wedding garters set is ideal for the couple who wants to keep one garter as a keepsake, as each one comes with one style that's meant to be tossed, and one that's meant to be saved in your post-wedding keepsake box. Choose a wedding garter set that matches your personality. We've got styles in classic white, black and ivory plus themed bridal garter sets that play into your beachy, fairytale, classic, glamorous or vintage wedding.We also have affordable single bridal garters that can be worn, tossed or saved. Choose from elegant, traditional styles with dainty flowers and lace or choose something with big, bright colors or accents that match your wedding theme. We have wedding garters for sale for every single bridal style — from over-the-top glamorous to subdued and boho. Our garters are easy to slip on and won't get in your way during the festivities leading up to the big removal and toss. The Knot Shop always has the best selection of wedding garters for sale alongside a huge assortment of bridal accessories that you can use to tie together your one-day-only look.