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Wedding Decorations

Create an amazing atmosphere tailored to how you envision your special day with extraordinary wedding decorations from The Knot Shop. There is everything to add fun, elegant and fabulous details from vibrant confetti, interesting table number cards, and other unique decorations. Perusing through the numerous, colorful options available can help you choose the items to make the wedding of your dreams into a reality right down to the small details. Illuminate your space with some of the beautiful candles offered or with festive paper lanterns. Add character to your wedding isle with a personalized runner lined with rich, multicolored silk rose petals. Keep your wedding party and guests comfortable and cool from the sun with delicate parasols and beautiful handheld fans that can be taken home as wonderful mementos.

These wonderful embellishments create the ambiance to capture the feel of your special day. With the countless selection of decorations, there is something brilliant for every type of wedding to embellish the ambiance of your theme or motif. Your thoughtful attention to detail will create a memorable event for you and all of your loved ones attending.

  • Keep in mind the overall vision when selecting your wedding decorations to make your fantasy a reality.
  • Dance your first dance with your newlywed on top of a monogrammed floor decal representing your new union of love.
  • Dress up wedding favors with vast assortment of lively satin, cloth and paper ribbon.
  • Sweeten up your desserts even more with cupcake and cake wrappers with delicate cut silhouette designs.
  • Include a touch of sparkle to your bouquet with the gleaming bouquet picks.
  • Ignite flame with flare with personalized matchbooks for your guests.
  • Write your guest messages or label items or stations with your own personal style on cute black boards.
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